"Great for the environment and your wallet."

The ili-D showersystems offers classical elegance combined with a convincing technology. The energy- and water consumption is highly reduced by a new kind of construction of the interior of the shower. At the same time the shower comfort stays at a high level. A soft rainstream pampers skin & hair and enhances your well-being.

The registered new geometry creates an even stream picture and a closed stream circle and with a consumption of only 6 litres per minute the ili-D shower is more economic than conventional products (in average 9 to 18 litres per minute!). Thus, the cost of water, waste and electricity/gas can be practically halved.

"It is a well-kept secret how the interplay of water, geometry and water outlets function."

New ili-D technology prevents excess drip and damage to the shower head caused by troublesome lime scale build-up. The special geometric design pushes the water into the shower head and concentrates the flow directly to the centre. This water then mixes with the existing air in the shower head; no additional air is added.

In a few milliseconds a vacuum is created. In a similar way to a mincing machine, water is forced through the spray head. Compressed rain droplets that are forced through are then finely spliced.
The vacuum pressure increases and the shower head again draws air, producing a cycle that is constantly repeated.

In addition to the unique spray pattern and unrivalled reversal water acceleration principles, we have a shower head that is not prone to lime scale build-up.

The innovative droplet formation provides an almost steam- free environment and guarantees a loss in temperature of less than one Centigrade. A closed droplet formation concentrates the water and minimizes the development of aerosols. Tiles shower walls and mirrors stay almost dry without steam.