Handheld shower head ili-D Gocta

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  • 2-way adjustable handheld shower head with massage and wellness jet
  • Nozzles / ili-D technology
  • Limescale-free
  • Hardly any dripping
  • Optimal water flow: 7 liters / minute (up to 6-9 liters / minute are also possible on customer request)
  • Meets BREEAM and LEED standards for sustainability through water savings
  • Suitable for low pressure systems, even spray pattern at a water pressure of 0.5 to 8 bar.
  • Water utilization over 99%
  • Low aerosol formation (for ili-D technology)
  • Heat loss in the measurable range less than 1° Celsius (for ili-D technology)
  • ½” connection
  • With check valve (without check valve available as an option)
  • Anti-theft protection (optional)
  • Weight only about 200 g (depending on the color selected)
  • Compliance mark (Ü mark): DIN 4109, P-IX 18360/IA (for ili-D technology)