ili-D handheld shower heads

How water, geometry, and the water outlet interact is a well-kept secret. However, we can reveal a little of the secret: A pulsating rain pampers your skin & hair and increases your physical well-being.

The patented ili-D technology significantly reduces the energy and water consumption and produces an even spray pattern as well as continuous sheets of water.

The result: less air is mixed with the water flowing out of the shower head and less spray (mist) is produced in comparison to conventional shower heads. This means less water spray and fewer wet spots in the wet area.

In addition, the ili-D shower heads only use 6-7 liters of water per minute instead the typical 9-20 liters per minute. With the patented low pressure technology, our shower heads also help prevent pesky limescale.


ili-D Viktoria
ili-D Gull
ili-D Gocta
ili-D Gocta Fit&Vital
ili-D Stick Shower V4A